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  • Battle of Coruscant

    “Fall back!” the ARC Trooper shouted, waving behind him. He watched as Clone Troopers began to make a tactical retreat, firing a handful of blasts for cover before retreating to the next broken slab of duracrete. Advancing towards them was a seeming …

  • Vader's Fist

    A group of specially trained Sith under the command of Darth Vader. They leave a path of bodies in their wake, and nobody knows who any of them actually are. The only person they take orders from, other than Vader, is Count Dooku himself.

  • leia skywalker

    Leia Skywalker is the daughter of [[:Anakin-Skywalker | Anakin Skywalker]] and [[padme skywalker | Padme Skywalker]], twin of [[luke skywalker | Luke Skywalker]], and elder sister to [[cade skywalker | Cade Skywalker]]. She was trained in the Force by a …

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