Battle of Coruscant

“Fall back!” the ARC Trooper shouted, waving behind him. He watched as Clone Troopers began to make a tactical retreat, firing a handful of blasts for cover before retreating to the next broken slab of duracrete. Advancing towards them was a seeming endless supply of Separatist battle droids. Heavy droids fired wrist rockets, sending chunks of debris into the sky. One clone was incinerated by the combined fire of multiple droids, his helmet flying out of the explosion and clattering across the ground.

“Boss, we’re sustaining heavy losses,” a clone told the ARC Trooper.

“Not as many as if we stand.” His designation was Delta Three-Eight, but the clones of the 501st had taken to calling him “Boss.” He was fine with it. Where a breach in protocol might annoy one of the flash-trained clones, he was different. He’d been trained by Jango Fett along with all the other clones with the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta call signs. He was a little more relaxed on protocol and much better prepared for situations like this.

He turned his wrist up and signaled another of the Delta members, Oh-Seven. “Sev, what is your status?”

The hologram image of Sev showed him prone over a rifle, firing shots.

“Fine for the moment, Boss. But shavvit there are a lot of droids.”

“Affirmative. We’re dropping back to the shuttles. Make your way back.”

“Copy that. Oh-Seven, out.”

The battle was not going well. Since the clones were picking up and retreating in front of the wave of droids, more and more of them were being gunned down. Boss estimated the droid line would make it to his position in approximately five minutes. That would give General Windu another ten minutes to finish clearing out the senate.

Boss looked over his shoulder, to the east. The black plume of smoke was rising from the Jedi Temple. They’d gotten word that Dooku was leading the attack there himself, leaving the senate to Grievous. Which meant he was probably somewhere in that swarm of droids, biding his time.

The 501st was being chewed up. They were getting their shots in, but every fallen droid seemed to be replaced instantly. Rockets would temporary form holes in the advancing formation, but they’d quickly be plugged by more droids. It was as though every battle droid in the galaxy had landed on Coruscant.

Boss’s eyes drifted skyward. The dull flashes could be seen even in daylight. What bit of his forces survived this fight would have to run the gamut of Separatist ships to make it away from the planet. General Gallia was leading the space forces and would put a significant dent in the Separatist forces, but the odds of her winning were low.

Clone troopers jogged past Boss, some continuing on, others turning and finding cover to continue firing. Boss raised his rifle and began to add laser fire to the storm. The droids were coming to the bridge he’d been directing the 501st from. They began to funnel, far too many droids trying to move through the space. They could only fit about fifty droids wide across the bridge. Boss fired, hitting a droid in the head.

Suddenly the advancing droids stopped and parted. Ten droidikas rolled through and snapped into position, their shields raised. Boss dropped down behind the security wall, listening as the droid’s lasers hit and began to chip away at the duracrete. He signaled his wrist communicator again.

“Scorch, we’re almost ready.” Boss looked over the wall and gauged the distance. “In five, four, three, two, one, GO GO GO.”

The entire platform rocked as explosions planted by Delta Six-Two ripped through the bridge. The explosives ran the length of the bridge, splitting it longways instead of across. This caused the entire bridge to fail and fold in on itself at the center as it collapsed. Thousands of droids poured into the chasm, falling into Coruscant’s depths.

That only affected a small number of droids, however. The main force was firing from across the way, and had little droids that were flitting across the gap, trying to connect cables.

“Target the flying droids!” Boss shouted. “Cut the cables if you can!”

Several of the little droids had already planted their cables, however. Interwoven beams of electricity shot between the cables and formed a shield. Normally the shields would be used for defense, but in this instance, they droids were using them as a makeshift bridge.

“Crafty,” Boss admitted as he fired. They managed to take out most of the flying droids, but between their number and the covering fire provided by the droids on the opposite side, it was impossible to get them all. A handful of cables provided a sufficient path for the droids.

“Sev, can you pick off the cables at my location?” Boss radioed. He didn’t have time to deal with the holocomm. He glanced up at the tower that Sev had been in. Boss wasn’t sure if the sniper had moved or not. A blazing red laser bolt was his answer as it pinged off the cable.

“I think so, Boss, but it’s going to take me a minute. It’s shielded.”

“Get whatever you can done. If they make it across before you can cut the cables, drop back to the shuttles.”

“Copy.” Another last singed into a the same cable, darkening it some.

Boss stuck his rifle over the lip of the wall and fired blindly with his right hand while grabbing a grenade with his left. He armed the grenade and tossed hit backwards over his head, sending it towards the droids. An explosion followed by the satisfying clatter of inactive metallic parts followed.

A thud in front of him made Boss look up. General Windu stood before him, purple lightsaber moving in a blur blocking shots.

“We have the senate evacuated, Commander,” Mace said. “Get your troops back as quickly as you can. I’ll hold these droids here.”

“Yes, General Windu.” Boss rolled behind the Jedi, then stood up safely behind the Jedi Master’s lightsaber-protected back. “All forces, retreat to the shuttles.”

Boss turned around and began peeking out from behind Mace and firing around him. Mace turned slightly and looked at him. “That means you too, Commander.”

“I’m giving my boys a head start, General.” Boss leaned out and picked off a Super Battle Droid that was aiming at them with a rocket. Mace took his left hand off his lightsaber and faced his open palm towards a group of incoming rockets. They all stopped in midair and flew back at the droids, destroying a handful.

Without warning, all the droids stopped firing. A large form lurched out of the ranks of droids and landed on the shield bridge. The unmistakable form of Grievous stood there, holding a pair of lightsabers. A brilliant red bolt lanced out from behind and above Grievous, clearly from the position of Sev. The droid commander ignited one of the lightsabers and flicked the bolt back towards its source. A small explosion followed, which was probably Sev’s rifle combusting.

“I thought only Jedi could do that,” Boss said. He’d seen movement after the explosion, so he assumed Sev was moving out, despite the fact he should’ve been gone a minute earlier.

“He’s droid enough that he can calculate the angles,” Mace said simply. “Get out of here. Quickly. I’ll hold him off.”

“Sir,” Boss said. He backed away, refusing to turn his back on what was sure to be an amazing battle. Boss made it back to a wall a couple hundred meters from the bridge and turned on his built in binocs.

Mace walked forward, calmly. He shrugged off his robe, then said something to Grievous. Grievous’s head bobbed in the manner of laughing, then his arms parted. Four lightsabers ignited, two blue, one green, and one red. Mace’s purple saber ignited, and the two were fighting. The line of droids behind them had begun to part and was clearly looking for other ways to cross the chasm.

“Boss, let’s go,” Sev said. He’d circled around the action and come up on Boss watching. “General Windu can take care of that thing. He’s more machine than man. But if we don’t go, we’re going to get flanked.”

“Copy that. Let’s go.”

Boss took one last look back and watched the Jedi Master parry two sabers while jumping sideways to avoid the other two sabers and landing a kick to Grievous’s chest. Yes, if anyone could defeat Grievous, it was Mace Windu.

Battle of Coruscant

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