leia skywalker

Leia Skywalker is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Skywalker, twin of Luke Skywalker, and elder sister to Cade Skywalker. She was trained in the Force by a combination of her father and Obi-wan Kenobi. Boba Fett trained her in general combat, and Obi-wan passed along his lightsaber knowledge to her. She also trained for a time under Shedao Shai; he was the one who helped her to create her own fighting style that combines the grace of the ligthsaber with the versatility of an amphistaff.

Leia vs Anakin, sparring

Padme Skywalker stood in the doorway with her arms crossed. “Aren’t you two done yet?”

Anakin Skywalker stood with his blue lightsaber in high defense. Opposite him, Leia Skywalker presented her profile to him, a yellow lightsaber in her right hand, a Yuuzhan Vong amphistaff in the other.

Leia flicked the amphistaff, and the snake-like sword went limp and flew like a whip at Anakin. He turned his saber sideways and let the whip wrap around his saber, then he yanked. Leia went with the pull, using its force to propel her. She jumped, flipped over Anakin’s head, and landed behind him, dropping to a knee and pulling Anakin’s saber towards her. The blade slipped out of his hands, and Leia Force pushed it towards the wall. It buried to the hilt in the thick Massasi Temple wall.

She turned and set again, making the amphistaff go rigid. She stepped forward and brought her lightsaber down towards Anakin’s head. He brought his left wrist up and caught the blade on the wrist. Leia swung the amphistaff at waist height, a strike that would slice him in half. But he jumped, placed his right hand on the staff, and hurdled over it, all the while holding Leia’s lightsaber on his left wrist. As he hit the ground, he dropped and swept Leia’s feet out from under her. She fell, but snapped the amphistaff around into a reverse grip and stabbed it into the ground, catching herself, and flipping over backwards.

When she stood up and looked at her father, he had his hand extended towards the wall where his lightsaber was stuck. Leia quickly swapped her lightsaber and amphistaff, and flung the staff like a spear. It stuck into the wall and pinned Anakin’s lightsaber in place. He turned to look at her and shrugged.

Leia approached Anakin, wielding her lightsaber with two hands. She struck at him with a rapid series of strikes designed to fatigue her opponent. Anakin slowly walked backwards, leading Leia along as he blocked each attack with his forearm. Sparks flew every time Leia’s lightsaber struck Anakin’s arm guards. With the last attack, Leia struck straight down at his head. Anakin blocked with his forearms crossed, then flung his arms out, sending Leia’s hands up and over her head. When she started to bring her hands down, Anakin flipped backwards, kicking the bottom of her lightsaber’s hilt and sending it out of her hands and skyward. It planted in the ceiling.

Anakin glanced at the saber in the ceiling, and the saber and staff in the wall. Then he looked at Leia. “Call it a draw?” he asked.

Her response was to kick with her right foot at his head. Anakin raised his left arm to block, but she folded her leg back and used the momentum to spin her around and plant her left foot in his stomach. Anakin grunted and took a couple steps backwards. Leia landed and struck with her right fist, hitting him in the chest. She followed it up with a strike to his stomach before taking a step back and lashing a solid side kick into Anakin’s stomach. He groaned and collapsed.

“I’m getting too slow,” Anakin moaned from the ground. Leia bent at the waist and bowed, then offered her hand to Anakin. He took it and let Leia help pull him up. “You are getting extremely fast and strong. Ben wasn’t kidding when he said you packed a punch.”

She gave him a smile that was all teeth. “He was much harder to land attacks on than you. His defense is amazing.”

Anakin nodded. “Ben mastered lightsaber defense. I’ve never been able to land a hit on him.”

Leia, Luke, and Obi-wan, interacting

Luke Skywalker held a rock between his thumb and forefinger examining it. The sun glinted off of it in a way that would make most assume it was valuable. But it wasn’t. It was a byproduct of some ancient geothermal event, and this kind of rock could be found anywhere on Yavin IV. It was different colors depending on where on the planet you were, but it was still worthless. This rock reflected a faint blue.

Luke cocked his arm back, then sent the rock skipping across the lake. A dozen meters out it hit an invisible barrier and changed direction drastically. Luke grinned as Leia’s head popped up out of the water.

“Watch where you’re throwing things,” Leia called. She was always giving orders. She didn’t do it to be mean, and she didn’t do things to aggravate Luke. Very often, at least. But it was just in her nature. She had their mother’s cool intellect with their father’s fierce combative nature.

“You shouldn’t just pop up out of the water like that,” Luke shouted back. She just flipped her head, sending her shoulder length hair around to smack her in the face. Luke laughed.

“Mistake,” Leia said. She raised her arm slightly, but kept it below the water. Three finger tips barely broke the surface of the water. Then the water erupted, blasting out at Luke. His eyes grew wide before the jet hit him and he toppled over backwards off the log.

Luke stood up, dripping wet. He glared at Leia for a moment before closing his eyes. Raising his arms out from his sides, he focused on making the dirt around him spin, then he sent it at Leia. She screamed as the dirt hit her and all around her, turning the surrounding water into a muddy mess. She dove under the water and resurfaced next to the bank. She crawled up onto the bank and began rinsing the mud out of her hair and off her face.

“That was uncalled for,” Leia said.

“You started it,” Luke countered. He’d always been the better debater. “I was perfectly content to not get wet.”

“No, you started it by throwing that rock at me.”

Luke crossed his arms and frowned at Leia. “I didn’t know you were there.”

“Sure,” Leia said sarcastically. “Our twin bond didn’t warn you of my presence?”

Luke just shrugged and watched as she scrapped mud off her face. He was about to add to the argument when a twig snapped behind them. Luke turned and ignited his orange lightsaber.

Obi-wan Kenobi raised his hands. “Sorry, Luke, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Luke snapped the saber off and bowed. “I apologize, General Kenobi. I should’ve sensed you coming.”

“Not the only thing you should’ve sensed coming,” Leia mumbled. She also bowed. “Master,” she greeted.

Obi-wan looked the two over, then raised an eyebrow. He did not, however, comment on their situation. “Leia, I need to talk to your brother alone for a moment.”

She nodded. “I need to go and wash my hair out, anyway. Later, Lukie. Good day, Master Kenobi.” She gathered her towel and walked back to the Massasi Temple.

Obi-wan sat on the log and motioned for Luke to sit next to him. “I know you are young, and talking to an old man such as myself is not high on your priorities. But I will be helping with your training for the next few years.”

Luke looked up at him. “My father has been training me since I can remember.”

“Yes, and he’s done a fine job of it, considering… well, you are clearly bright, talented, and have potential.” Obi-wan picked up a rock and skipped it across the lake. “But sometimes it helps to look outside the family unit for training.”

Luke peered at the old Jedi. “You don’t think my father is qualified to train us since he was expelled from the order, do you?”

“You are very perceptive as well,” Obi-wan said, looking at the boy. “But that is not the entire matter. There are simply things that I can train you that your father cannot. Things he would not be willing to put his children through.”

Luke thought about that. His father had been training he and Leia since they were little, and never seemed to hold back. They’d both been beaten in saber combat by him, held up and flung around with the Force, and generally put to the extremes on everything their father had taught them. What could be worse?

“The teachings of the Dark Side, young Luke,” Obi-wan answered his unasked question. “I will not be showing you how to use the evils the Force can produce, for I do not know how to use them myself. But I will be showing you the effects of it and how it can twist your perceptions. We’ll be going away to a small planet called Dagobah for some time.”

“Is Leia coming with us?”

“No. Your training has been together up to this point, but you will face different trials on your paths. Your father has a plan for you that you will not be able to accomplish for a few more years, and in that time we have to bring you fully into your Force potential.” Obi-wan patted him on the shoulder. “Do not worry, I will not put you through anything I do not believe you aren’t already prepared for.”

Obi-wan stood. “I will begin training you starting tomorrow, but we will not be going to Dagobah for some time, so you still have plenty of time with your family.”

Luke asked the only question he could think of. “Who is training Leia?”

“Master Yoda will guide her in the Force, and then General Fett will put her through the ringer.”

Luke’s eye brows rose. He’d heard stories of Fett, but had yet to actually meet the man, despite his status as a lieutenant of his father’s. He was apparently capable of taking down Jedi, which was an uncommon feat for non-Force users. The legend went that Grand Master Windu had killed Fett’s father, and Fett had been tracking him ever since. When Mace was introduced as the Grand Master and Headmaster of the Imperial Jedi Academy, Fett had almost immediately contacted Anakin about joining forces. Since then, Fett had been one of Anakin’s most trusted generals, second only to Obi-wan. Fett knew things that Anakin was even reluctant to share with Master Yoda.

Obi-wan smiled at Luke’s expression. “Do not fear. You will get your chance with General Fett. The Imperial Jedi have the ability to cut someone off from the Force, so General Fett will be teaching you how to defend yourself without the Force.”

leia skywalker

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